When New Zealand seafood company Sanford were looking for a partner to freight their goods from fish markets to restaurants around Auckland, running Zero Carbon refrigerated vehicles and being flexible enough to handle on-demand requirements were two must-haves.

Kiwi Express came up trumps on both counts.

“Zero carbon is very much part of our ethos,” says Brett Keenan, Kiwi Express’s Account Manager for Sanford.

So is flexibility, thanks to Kiwi Express’s partnership approach.

Courier delivering fresh fish

Dedicated service

with room to move.

Sanford freights fresh fish from its various processing plants around New Zealand to Auckland Fish Markets every day.

It’s Kiwi Express’s job to collect that fish from the markets at 7.30 in the morning and have them all delivered to restaurants around Auckland by noon – at the same temperature in which they left the markets. Drivers measure the outer temperature of the boxes on pick-up and then again at delivery to make sure they’re the same temperature or even cooler.

“Up until 2017 we didn’t deliver to restaurants,” says Sanford Logistics Manager Julian Clarke. Instead, the restauranteurs came to the market each morning to collect the seafood they needed.

Sanford could see the opportunity in delivering to customers but couldn’t justify the expense of leasing a vehicle or hiring a full-time employee for work that finished just after mid-day.

Kiwi Express solved the dilemma by offering a dedicated driver and refrigerated vehicle for the hours needed.

“Kiwi Express’s point-to-point service was another reason why we chose them as our delivery provider,” says Julian Clarke. The hospitality industry is a fluid one, where demand for product can increase at the drop of a hat. “Point to point allows us to provide restaurants with extra product on demand.”

Not only are the couriers exceptional, but the customer service team have also been outstanding, they will go above and beyond to make sure that all our fish are delivered at the correct temperature and within MPI regulations. We couldn’t be happier with the service we receive from them.

Julian Clark
Logistics Manager, Sanford


extra work.

By delivering product to clients, Sanford has found that they’ve picked up extra work – so much so that a second refrigerated vehicle was added to handle the additional workload.

In this case, Sanford provided the vehicle, and Kiwi Express supplied the driver.

“A third refrigerated vehicle is occasionally used on more of an ad-hoc basis to handle spikes in demand and seasonal increases,” explains Keenan.

“It’s a great arrangement,” adds Julian Clarke. “It gives us the flexibility to explore new market opportunities (delivering to the North Shore is an example) without making a big investment, in case things don’t work out.”

Sanford Courier delivery van and driver
Kiwi Express Courier sales representative.

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Collaboration is the key

to smooth delivery.

Kiwi Express is very much part of the Sanford team when it comes to getting seafood from market to customer.

An Operations Team works closely with Sanford to monitor daily activity, provide freight advice and manage ad-hoc requirements. Reports around volumes and costs are provided to Sanford on a daily basis, and Brett Keenan holds monthly meetings with the Sanford management team.

“The knowledge that comes from experience is key,” says Brett. “Many of the drivers who work on the account have been doing so since we started in 2017. They know what’s required and make sure it’s done.”

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