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Our high-tech GPS tracking technology allows you to keep track of your item every step of the way.

With real time tracking you know exactly when your consignments have been delivered. In addition, our history reports enable you to keep track of each stage of the delivery. You can even see a time lapse of where your driver is with your delivery!

Proof Of Delivery?

You know Automatically.

We want to make it easy for you to know your item has been delivered securely.

Our technology means that you know the exact time when your item has reached its destination. In addition, every delivery automatically receives a Proof of Delivery email and you can sign up for a Proof of Delivery text (normal text charges apply).

Your email alerts can be customised so that multiple people are told that the item has been delivered – the sender, the receiver and anyone else relevant such as your sales rep, a nurse who is waiting for supplies to arrive, or a mechanic waiting for the parts to arrive at the front desk.

Fresh fruit and vegetable courier delivery service.

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Critical information

always at your fingertips.

Our Management Reporting function allows you to be able to access important information when it is needed, allowing you to know exactly where you are at for your account at any given time.

The function provides you with comparative information on job fluctuations and accurate trend analysis. You can also view our EROAD data to see the number of orders per kilometre or even the amount of petrol used per kilometre.

At Kiwi Express we pride ourselves on taking care of the environment. For those who wish to measure their carbon footprint, with our carboNZero initiative we can calculate your footprint from using our services.

The latest innovations

to keep you ahead of the pack.

At Kiwi Express we like to ensure we are ahead of the game with the latest technology.

We also work closely with our sister companies in Freightways to leverage off their innovations, all focused on providing you with the very best service possible.

Find out how Kiwi Express works for business.

Fresh produce courier delivery service.

Accurate Pricing

for every delivery.

We know it is important for your business to be given accurate pricing when you ask for a quote and that this is the amount that you are actually charged.

All of our staff are specifically trained and our systems are designed to calculate the most accurate delivery price. Once we have priced you with a delivery, the price is fixed. With no hidden costs you can know that you are getting exactly what you expect and what your costs are before you have sent the item.