Previously we had to use trucking companies to send our larger and heavier items. We had to fit in with their schedules and often found that they were too busy, which wasn’t always convenient for us. Since switching to Kiwi Express the whole process of sending large items has been made much easier, just like a regular courier.

Customised Distribution

Before using Kiwi Express we were struggling to find someone who could move our large freight in a short time frame. We were stuck in the middle ground with freight too big for couriers yet still requiring faster delivery options. It was a struggle, time consuming and difficult. Since switching, we’ve found the Kiwi Express way to be simple. We just book it through GoSweetSpot and it gets collected. You guys simplified the process and allowed us more options on our larger freight to the areas offered, at a reasonable price. This was great for our Auckland and Wellington customers and we can’t wait for the service to roll out to more of the country.


Covid-19 resulted in huge growth in ecommerce and put significant pressure on NZ’s delivery networks. We had real challenges with our larger sized goods in particular, having to offer slower delivery times to customers which made it hard for us to increase sales. Our customers love the fast delivery for their larger items that we get through Kiwi Express, it allows us to offer the same delivery times as our smaller goods. The performance of this service has been outstanding.

Mighty Ape