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Freightways Group.

Kiwi Express has been delivering important and time-sensitive freight since 2000 and joined the Freightways Group in 2006.

This amalgamation enabled Kiwi Express to grow and expand nationwide. With the strength and structure of the Freightways Group behind Kiwi Express, we are able to draw from more than 1700 staff and 1000 couriers nationwide to ensure that your delivery standards are realised.

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Looking after NZ’s future,

carbon zero certified.

Kiwi Express recognises our core business is reliant on transportation to service its customers and is therefore an emissions-intensive organisation. We also recognise we must play part in protecting and improving the environment.

How we achieved carboNZero certification.

Environmentally friendly courier company.

What is carboNZero?
The carboNZero programme was established in 2001 by Landcare Research New Zealand Limited, one of New Zealand’s leading Crown Research Institutes, owned by the New Zealand government. The programme is based on over a decade of research on climate change, greenhouse gas measurement and carbon monitoring. carboNZero is the world’s first recognised certifier for greenhouse gas footprint measurement, emissions reduction and carbon-neutral claims to international standards.

What does it mean?
We know what our carbon footprint is and we have made the commitment to manage and reduce our impact on the environment. All of our staff and customers can be certain we are a business dedicated to sustainability.

Freightways are proud to be associate partners of KidsCan.

We quickly discovered we shared similar philosophies around caring for and supporting whānau in our communities that may need help.

305,000 Kiwi kids live in hardship through no fault of their own and with KidsCan’s support, Kiwi kids become more engaged in their education so they can have a better chance of reaching their full potential by providing food at school, raincoats, shoes and socks, and basic health items.

We are proud to support KidsCan. You can too.

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