Don’t want the hassle of your own fleet?

Try our Flexible Solutions.

Full Technology Integration enables your system and our technology to be using your very own sales number to track items.

It is a great, simple and easy-to-use service designed to meet the needs of both you and your customers – and it takes just 20 seconds to book a job from your system!

Benefit from this free service today – it includes offers proof of delivery through e-texts, GPS tracking so you know where your item is every step of the way, and you’ll know the tracking number because you created it!

We handle all your freight.

So you can focus on other things.

Kiwi Express’ Integrated Services can make significant reductions in the time that you need to spend managing deliveries.

You’ll have one contact for all your freight needs and it may also be that our services remove the need for you to employ an Operations or Fleet Manager, by taking the administrative stress away – so whether it’s recruitment, sick leave, annual leave, insurance, driver complaints, vehicle maintenance, claims or any issue we’ve got it sorted and got you covered!

The added benefit is if you don’t need us every day, you don’t need to pay for the down time of drivers – only pay for what you want to use – so if you only need deliveries for three hours a day, then that’s all you need to pay for.

And we operate 24/7 so if your business doesn’t operate 9-5, that’s not an issue for us. If you need pickups (e.g. for faulty or excess stock) we can manage that rather than you needing to send out your sales staff for these one-offs – so everyone can be focused on growing and managing the business rather than the deliveries.

Fresh fish refrigerated courier delivery service.

Find out how Kiwi Express works for business.


Worried about health & safety?

Fully compliant solutions.

We recognise that compliance is top-of-mind for many companies managing vehicles and drivers but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

Look no further than Kiwi Express – we can provide you with compliant vehicles and drivers who are tertiary educated in Risk Management Programmes, TORO and Food Safety.

Being in the freight business means that we know everything required to ensure our vehicles meet compliance standards. Additionally we use EROAD, which provides us with an easy way to manage Road User Charges and gives us all automated real time tracking.

Moving your risk to us can take a load off your shoulders. You have peace-of-mind knowing that your drivers have been fully trained and have excellent risk management awareness. From health and safety to insurance and everything in between, our drivers are dedicated to providing you a complaint-free safe service.

Health and safety compliant courier deliver solution.
Courier fleet.

We match our service to suit your workload.

Day by day.

Are you in need of a crystal ball to help you forecast your need for delivery people? Perhaps you need time to hire more staff or have had to lay off staff in the past and don’t want to be in that situation again.

At the heart of the Kiwi Express service is flexibility, meaning we can upscale and downsize as and when you need it.

With Kiwi Express you don’t have to take out long term leases or sign up to extended contracts. You only pay for what you need or what you feel you can commit to and if you no longer require our services, it’s simple, all we need is one month’s notice. And at a minimum you can hire our driver for two hours only to get the job done!

Where this is invaluable is for your busy periods such as pre-Christmas – simply inform our drivers you are anticipating an increase in service requirements and we will have you covered. No need to tie your finances up with capital spend or tie up time finding good short-term drivers. And if you have a slower time of year, we can easily factor this in.

Not only are we flexible with the time you require us for, we are also flexible in terms of what kind of vehicle you need, whether it be a car, van or truck. Our priority is that we change with you.

Find out how Kiwi Express works for business.

Fresh fruit and vegetable courier delivery service.
Fixed courier pricing is agreed with client.

Fixed pricing saves you money.

And helps you plan.

We provide fixed pricing so you know exactly what it is costing you, and the full cost is tax deductible.

Once you factor in no longer needing to commit to capital outlays for leases or vehicles and spend less administrative time sorting out leave, fines and insurances, the benefits start adding up.

The other benefit is that you spend less management time on training, on compliance, and on sorting out issues – instead you can leverage off our management learning which is spread across all of our customers and has a focus on developing innovative freight and logistics solutions for our customers.

Efficient systems.

Equals reduced costs.

Through our reporting you should see an increase in productivity – our understanding of the industry means we can often deliver six items in the time it takes a less experienced driver to deliver three items.

And you don’t need to compromise on quality as we pride ourselves on providing quality drivers with a great attitude.

You can take comfort in knowing all of our transport costs are easy to understand so you know exactly where they need to be allocated within the P&L.

Fresh produce courier delivery service.

Find out how Kiwi Express works for business.


Our vans reflect your brand.

So do our drivers.

Our Kiwi Express vans and drivers can be fully branded in your company’s livery so we look like we are from your company.

We are like your moving billboard, and can be customised for any new campaigns and marketing strategies.

We take these responsibilities very seriously, ensuring our fleet is clean, tidy and presentable. We dedicate only the most modern fleet vehicles to our fully branded service – after all we want to make sure your business is represented in the most professional way possible.

Courier Driver
Kiwi Express Courier driver in Sanford uniform delivers fresh fish.

You set the standards.

We’ll go beyond them.

The great thing about Kiwi Express integrated services is that you decide when and where the deliveries take place. It’s your choice on the frequency and location of deliveries – you can set the standards of your service.

We offer a ‘white glove’ service so the delivery is all about the customer and exceeding the level of service they expect. This includes providing person-to-person deliveries, returns and we can even incorporate the supplier pick-up into the process.

And because we’re dedicated to you, we have the flexibility to allow time to wait for pickups unlike your standard courier. Kiwi Express can operate outside of standard business hours and can customise our vehicle fit-outs to meet your needs. The possibilities are limitless!

We custom fit our vehicles.

To fit your business.

At Kiwi Express we understand every client’s delivery requirements are different.

That’s why with our fully dedicated services we offer the option to custom fit out your vehicle. We can offer:

  • Tail Lift
  • Dividers
  • Load Management
  • Racking
  • Bin Solutions
  • Mechanical Aides
  • Secure Load
  • Refrigerated
  • Vehicle Security
Tail Lift Courier Truck