Validate your


DG-Validate booking

Please answer all questions:

Are there any items in your shipment you did not pack yourself?
Could anyone have placed something in your shipment without your knowledge?
Does your item contain any dangerous or hazardous goods?

Dangerous Goods Statement

1. I acknowledge that this consignment may travel by air and make this statement for the purposes of Section 23a of the Australian Civil Aviation Act and Part 92 of the New Zealand Civil Aviation Regulations.

2. I confirm and declare truthfully that this consignment does not contain dangerous goods (with the meaning of the Act and Regulations described in paragraph 1) and that I alone completed the Shippers Declaration completely, correctly & truthfully.

3. I confirm and declare that this consignment does contain dangerous goods and a dangerous goods declaration has been fully and correctly completed and is attached where required by the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulation.

Security Statement

4. I agree to the freight carrier’s Conditions of Carriage and acknowledge and agree that I will be held personally responsible for false and misleading statements, whether deliberate or accidental, and further acknowledge that, if made, these may result in legal consequences including but not limited to the imposition on me of fines, convictions and/or imprisonment. This statement is made without prejudice to any other legal rights that SUB60/Kiwi Express, the freight carrier or any other party may have against me in relation to the Shipper’s Declaration and/or the consignment.

5. Cargo intended for air transport will not be picked up from an unsecured site such as letterbox or doorstep and is to be passed directly to the contractor or stored within a secure location to avoid the potential of unauthorised access.

A false declaration is an offence and may result in legal action being taken.