A typical Produce Company client lives the dream. It’s a dream that includes a Super Yacht, a crew and the freedom to go wherever they want, for as long as they want.

Of course, even a dream needs to be well stocked with provisions. And that’s where The Produce Company comes in.

As their name suggests, The Produce Company is a premium foodservice supplier. Their clientele includes the Head Chefs of cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars – and Super Yachts.

Fresh produce courier delivery service.

Prompt delivery to remote locations.

The Produce Company’s warehouses are located in Auckland. At any given time, the Super Yachts can be anywhere in New Zealand.

It’s up to Kiwi Express to collect the food and supplies from The Produce Company’s warehouses and deliver them fresh to wherever the relevant Super Yacht happens to be.

That’s no mean feat when an order could be $2000 worth of flowers for a lavish party, or enough food and beverages to last for a four week voyage.

Orders often need to be turned around within a day, regardless of the distance or logistics involved.

Every day is different. The drivers enjoy the challenge. It’s like being part of a reality show about the rich and famous.

Brett Keenan
Fleet Manager, Kiwi Express

A tale of fresh blooms.

Brett Keenan, Fleet Manager at Kiwi Express, cites the flower delivery as a typical example.

“The flowers needed to be collected from Auckland at 11pm and be on board a Super Yacht at 1pm the following day,” Brett recalls.

The Super Yacht happened to be moored in Picton at the time. For those unfamiliar with New Zealand geography, that’s a distance of 739 kilometres, with a body of water called the Cook Strait in-between.

Air freight wasn’t an option. Not for $2000 worth of fresh blooms.

The Kiwi Express driver journeyed through the night in his refrigerated van and reached Wellington in time to catch the early morning ferry to Picton.

From there it was a short drive to the Super Yacht’s berth to deliver the flowers fresh and blooming – with time to spare. The Super Yacht’s owners were so delighted by the turnaround that they gave the driver a standing ovation as be brought the flowers up the gangplank.

Courier delivery service from Auckland to yacht moored in Picton.
Flexible Courier solutions consultant.

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A vehicle for every request.

“The Produce Company’s clients don’t do anything by halves,” Brett says. He remembers another instance, where an entire refrigerated van was needed to cope with a fruit order for a single Super Yacht in Russell.

With the need to cope with such a variety of requests, Kiwi Express uses every refrigerated vehicle in their fleet, which is on call 24/7.

“There’s no such thing as a typical order,” Brett says. “Every day is different. The drivers enjoy the challenge. It’s like being part of a reality show about the rich and famous.”

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